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Data Center Services

As technology has increasingly become prevalent and rapidly evolving in the enterprise, from differentiation of an enterprise’s products, optimization of the enterprise itself, and integration with suppliers and partners alike, the data center has become increasingly important, as well as costly and challenging, with the rapid evolution of change, to modernize and maintain.
Key Capabilities
Modernization Services
Organizations globally are struggling to modernize their operations and control expenditures while simultaneously trying to maintain their competitive advantage. Data center modernization and consolidation projects offer the opportunity to achieve all of these goals. e-Sealed  partners with enterprises to customize modernization strategies in alignment with business objectives, skill availability, compliance requirements and technology enablers.
Managed Services
e-Sealed provides enterprises a comprehensive portfolio of managed services for data center, end user and network/security environments. Managed services range from a complete outsourcing of an IT organization to the management of a particular point service.
With today’s ever changing IT landscape, and environments becoming more complex, businesses have a constant need to train and certify their IT staff on the latest data center technologies. Many leading organizations turn to e-Sealed for their hardware maintenance and systems administration training as well as storage and security related training.

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