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To own a driving licence whether in your own country or in abroad is something like pat on the back.In the present situation which we have observed in Saudi Arabia with the development and adaptation of technology,it is imperative that everyone of us walk hand in hand keeping in consideration the basic necessities of day-to day life.
To meet the challenging demands of the Employer both at the private sector and at the government level one should be punctual and should be aware of the various hindrances which comes while travelling from his residence to the Employer premises like distance,traffic,short-routes,roads and of course transportation.
Having said that lets focus on transportation and to have a owned transport is definitely a bonus in achieving the first step of success i.e. being well in time. To have a owned vehicle is not much difficult in today’s world but what is important is having a valid and legal driving licence.To some having a driving licence is a piece of cake not to mention the other ways to grab the driving licence other than the legal and procedural way.
With our personal experience going to a driving institute to follow the various procedures in order to obtain the driving licence is time consuming.You don’t know how long you have to wait if you don’t pass the initial tests which includes driving and computer test.It makes even more unpleasant if you are working on per hour salary basis.So time is of essence and to minimise the amount of time we should aware ourselves with the latest techniques which are available in the market which will eventually help us to have a driving licence in much less time and with less overhead.
So ladies and Gentleman its time to introduce one of the most useful mobile application in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which not only will help us to pass the driving tests easily but will make our journey of acquiring licence pleasant.


This app is for people, planning to take computer exam for driving license in KSA (DALLAH). Using this application you will be familiar with traffic signs quickly. You can access all the features of this app without connecting to internet: At office, while traveling, at classroom and anywhere you like.
This app has all the list of KSA traffic signs. These signs play a vital role in directing, informing and controlling road user’s behavior in an effort to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone.
This makes knowledge of traffic signs essentials. Not just for new drivers or riders needing to pass their computer test, but for all road users, including experienced professional drivers.This app is available in 3 languages,
• English
• Arabic
• UrduApplication Features:-
Road Signs:- List of different types of road signs categorized properly.
Points Table:- Lists all the traffic violation points up to date.
Computer Questions:- This list some of the common computer questions as available at the Dallah schools of KSA.
Any suggestion and comments would be highly appreciated and will be taken into consideration.