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Big Data & Data Science Development Services

 e-Sealed as a leading software development service provider, also focuses on data science topics making sure that our services cover the entire value chain which our customers expect to receive from our portfolio of products and our services. Data Science serves a very technical purpose but one that is vastly different from other individual contributors. Not only our company but everyone around is constantly surrounded by data that represents the business, product and customers on a big scale. We understand that without seeing things from a 360-degree view and without getting deep insights into our customers’ business model, we are not able to become their trusted advisor among companies and C-suite members. By proving big data and data science development services, we explore all of the company’s data maximizing its potential and figuring out any possible improvements which our customers can apply to achieve business goals. The business value of data science depends on organizational needs. One of the biggest benefits of having a data science advisor which helps you to optimize your business model, is that we can help you to become a leader in a company’s digital transformation. Using our data utility identification, pipeline design and analysis and consulting services our data scientists investigate organizations’ core data and can build tools which meet your expectations.

We can help you in

Data utility identification

e-Sealed, we are sure that without a good understanding of data sources, information and reasons why it is important for operations, good data analytics tools cannot be applied successfully. With a problem clearly defined and a suitable approach selected, data has to be cleaned which includes removing missing values, outliers, identifying duplicate records and removing incorrect values. Our teams also take care of designing and implementing databases as well as solving challenges associated with data storage, indexing, linking and querying large databases  we are able to apply automated data monitoring techniques that can review the data quality between different system states and create a data continuous monitoring platform for your organization.

Data pipeline design

intelligence automation, business can unlock previously unrealized value and productivity. Using techniques such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, companies can better predict customer behavior and preferences, Our data pipeline design service is focused on designing cost efficient and customer friendly tools which extract meaningful information with real impact from your data collection and, based on it, direct business actions or identify potential opportunities for your company depending on the previous addressed challenges.

Our pipeline design approach starts with viewing the Big Data opportunities in terms of the complexity of the data and the analytics capabilities your organization can bring to bear. Our several level data investigation process consists of stages such as a prescriptive step where our sophisticated analytics go beyond monitoring equipment, systems and assets and make recommendations for preventions or optimizing is focused on predicative processes which offer insights on risks to operations and the potential for outages or other types of failures across operations located in different locations. data analytics tools can give a view of operational and financial performance, through customized online dashboards or even real-time reports that relied on information from sensors and smart meter data to show useful figures.

Data analysis & consulting

 e-Sealed, we have an expert skill set consisting of software development, data science and project management teams which are able to deliver the required product in defined time frames.we cooperate with our customer closely and on a daily basis to be woven into processes and ways of working where applying data analytics solutions really matters.

software and data engineers, data scientists and machine learning experts can craft and implement fully customized, end to end, advanced analytic solutions and products. Our data analysis and consulting service can bring about change in your company by building up your data science knowledge, developing competencies and helping to understand the digital transformation matters.

Our data science experts combine cutting edge techniques with our tools and the latest technology to help our world class analysts identify insights that deliver results. e-Sealed helps clients across all industries to benefit from their data to improve business decision making. Our work force focuses on primary search, advanced analytics and Big Data and is rooted in our technical expertise, client experience and analysis platforms and tools.

The e-Sealed Data Science team takes a comprehensive approach to meet data challenges and take your company’s success to the next level delivering products to automotive, industrial and health tech sectors. We also have the breadth and depth to support and help both scale up companies and corporations which want to get the best out of our technical solutions and services. Our long term cooperations with companies such as Ghadeermarket, Khawladesign, & NIDLP  can be proof we should be your next data science service provider

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