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e-Sealed provides a wide range of security consulting services to our clients worldwide. We are an innovative consulting company offering a full range of cyber security services to businesses of all sizes, tailored to meet any budget requirements.

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Take a look at these awesome features we provide. More will be added in the future.

  • Application Vulnerability Assessment | Penetration testing

    Assess your applications for vulnerabilities before attackers do. Our security experts have a wealth of experience in evaluating all types of applications. We are leaders in assessing web (including backend APIs and web services), mobile and thick client applications.

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment | Penetration testing

    Network infrastructure security plays an important role in maintaining secure hygiene of the organization. We offer a broad range of services to protect your network infrastructure against external threats. Our experts will analyze your network architecture, develop an attack plan, scan for vulnerabilities and pen-test the network.

  • Risk profiling

    e-Sealed provides a non-subjective understanding of risk by assigning numerical values to variables representing different types of threats and the danger they pose. We help companies to understand risk and be able to measure gaps between the company’s risk profile and its risk appetite it is an important aspect of running a successful risk management program. This will also help companies to evaluate a potential investment’s ability to maximize return on investment while minimizing risk.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance services

    e-Sealed’s Governance Risk & Compliance services are designed to help your organization better identify, understand and manage the dynamic interrelationships between risk and compliance and incorporate those disciplines into daily business activities. Our seasoned and experienced practitioners provide strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges throughout the enterprise.

  • Cyber security Training Courses

    Prepare to detect and contain system breaches with our broad range of product-specific cyber security training and industry-recognized certification prep courses. Hone your skills in key areas such as security awareness, secure coding, web security development and critical infrastructure risk management. From the C-suite to the mailroom, we have you covered with the training you need to manage critical infrastructure risks and meet Department of Defense security mandates.

Why e-Sealed Security

We are a team of diverse intellectuals from the fields of information security, network security and software security. Our diversity helps us provide you 360° protection. Our years of experience in information security field have enabled us to defend your information assets in the most cost effective manner. We help our clients by identifying, mitigating and preventing vulnerabilities in their applications and infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that includes threat model, penetration test and open source software security. We’ve got the necessary tools and the expertise to secure your business so you can focus on growing it. Learn more about our services to see how we can keep your business secure.

SAMA Cyber Security Framework

e-Sealed in its endeavor to protect information assets in KSA, is providing training and consultancy services for smooth compliance with SAMA cyber security framework. e-Sealed has been delivering hardware, software and consultant security services since 2006. Our certified security professionals can train and assist you in keeping pace with your SAMA compliance process. All of our consultants have been involved in designing, developing and auditing information security systems.

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